Digital Signage just got SIMPLER!



The AIP-TV decoder is a Plug & Play media player that catches your customers’ attention.
  • Showcase your products and services.
  • Educate and entertain your customers while they wait.
  • AIP-Displays helps to boost sales.


Your organization has selected quality animated content from the AIP- Collection that will be played on your AIP-TV.
  • National promotions.
  • Services offered.
  • Multiple topics such as trivia, automotive, science, economics, history, and much more.
  • Browse through our ever-growing collection!


When authorized by your organization, you can show your own messages inside the AIP-Displays and manage them with the AIP-Dashboard.
  • Simple to use.
  • Your text adds itself to your timeline automatically, without our technical assistance.
Need more customization for your visuals? Our team of animators will create personalized professional looking visuals for your business.
  • Exclusive quality content.
  • Professional animations.